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Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co.

Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co.

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About Us

Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co.-Our Story

Beer and owning a brew pub have long been a dream of Chuck Coleman. At the end of 2019 Chuck had a bit of a mid-life crisis and his ''Ferrari'' was to start a brew pub! At the same time a friendship developed between Chuck and his business partner Johnny “JC” Crawford who had a passion for making exotic cocktails and a great affinity for craft beer.

Beer has always been a passion of Chuck’s who has been brewing for over twenty years and JC's who has cellared hundreds of beers. With the support and help of family and friends Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co. was created.

The focus of this brew pub is not only to serve our own brews but to bring attention to Texas local breweries, wineries, and meaderies, hence our slogan ''Beer is Life! Drink Local”.

Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co. wants to be known as a welcoming, family oriented, pet friendly pub that serves outstanding craft beer.

We will have on tap historic beers like Bolthead Double Brown, Latte Porter, Stouts, and IPAs.

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