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Christian based Holistic provider offering Ayurveda, Nutrition, Herbalism, Yoga and Breathwork as well as SRT Therapy for trauma healing and emotional release. These specialties combined gives us an ability to look at the body in a full scope. The mind through thought patterns and hormone control. The bodies system function and system levels. As well as the environment around you and how those factors contribute to either your wellness or your illness. Together we work to stop illness and disease before it manifests in the body.
We use AO Scan by Solex, blood analysis and a detailed client intake to create a plan right for you and to track your progress.
Aside from the services we offer, you may find a well versed inventory of holistic products in our office, in our medicine cabinets placed in other businesses around town or by our website for nationwide shipping. From Herbal blends, tinctures, supplements and remedies. Do not see the product you desire, no worries.. you may submit a custom order request to have product created specific to your needs.
Enjoy our prepped meals each week to help you in keeping clean locally sourced foods a priority in your nutrition.


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