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Wildlife Removal Experts LLC


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About Us

We are a professional nuisance animal removal service with over 15 years experience creating and implementing residential, commercial and industrial solutions to wildlife challenges. In Montgomery and surrounding areas, we remediate nuisance wildlife including beavers, raccoons, moles, gophers, opossums, bats, pigeons, skunks, armadillos, rodents, squirrels, ferrel cats, snakes and other animals. Whenever possible, the animals are humanely captured and relocated. Immature animals are typically rehabilitated until they are old enough to be released into their usual habitat. Wildlife Removal Experts LLC is fully insured for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.


  • Licensed and insured
  • Humane animal removal
  • Courteous, punctual and professional staff
  • Over 25 years experience


Raccoon in Air Duct
Ducks relocated to a new home
Ducks relocated to a new home
Coral Snake
Coral Snake
Cotton mouth Snake
Snake in case of Gatorade
Timber Rattler
Pygmy Rattlesnake
Buttermilk racer snake
Texas Brown snake
Timber rattlesnake
Hognose snake
Baby raccoon
Baby raccoons
Baby raccoons in chimney
baby bat on moms back
You never know what you'll find in an attic
Nutria rat
Another satisfied Customer
Pesky raccoons
Beaver damage in Montgomery County
Beaver damage
I see you too
Hog damage
More Hog Damage
Beware of Beaver teeth they are big and sharp
Nutria rat
Preventive measures to keep critters out
Cottonmouth hiding in a flower pot
Raccoon damage
Partners in crime
one of many Raccoon entry points
Bats in a corner
Bat Guano (waste)